About us

Wine Bar Gatto is a family business. It was born in September 2016 from an intuition of Pasquale Gatto and his wife, Diana Zerilli, as well as from the passion for wine and niche food that the Gatto spouses have in common.

The wine bar immediately establishes itself as a shop where it is possible to savor rich platters of artisanal cold cuts and cheeses coming from all over Italy and 330 labels of wines carefully selected by Pasquale and Diana.

Pasquale Gatto, former officer of Milan’s chamber of commerce with a passion for drumming and food, is an agro-technician. Indeed, numerous of the products you can try at Wine Bar Gatto have been developed by Pasquale himself, who, together with his trusted cheesemaker, has created the little burrata cheeses “selection Gatto” with a gorgonzola heart, the Tropea onions, the Bronte pistachio, pesto, artichokes, Calabrian black pig ‘nduja, or Taggiasca olives.
Pasquale has dedicated the shop to his namesake grandfather with whom he used to spend his summer holidays in Calabria. It is for this reason that the shop, whose symbol is ironically a cat, has been called Wine Bar Gatto.

Chiama Ora!